5 Best Tips To Keep Your Progress Linear

Don't plateau and stop seeing results from your training program. The beauty of exercise is, [...]

Beach Body: Steps To A Sculpted Physique

PART 1: HYPERTROPHY Pushups Dips Alternating Lunges Plank HOW TO PERFORM [...]

Full Body Compound Workout In 40 Minutes

EXERCISES Romanian Deadlift Back Squat Pull-Ups Alternating Front Lunge Pushup Dumbbell Shoulder Press V-Ups [...]


Can Pokémon Go Help You Lose Fat?

So, I'm sure by now you've heard about this Pokemon Go app at some point [...]

4 Decisions You’ll Never Regret Making

When life decides to throw thing at us we are never prepared are expecting it. [...]

How New Guidelines Should Effect Employer Wellness Programs

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists have recently released new guidelines regarding BMI and obesity. [...]


  • Airline pilot vegetarian meal plan diet bag for trip.

Staying Fit As A Vegetarian Airline Pilot

Pilots and flight attendants know too well that having a great diet on the job [...]

Here’s Why Fast Food Is Evil

Fast food is one of the biggest plagues on human wellness, find out why! Have [...]

What Everyone Is Not Saying About Alcohol This 4th of July

Alcohol and the 4th of July are synonymous, can you prepare yourself for it? People [...]


11 Thoughts Everyone Has On The Treadmill

Cardio one of the few sadistic pleasures in life in that you don't enjoy the [...]

Why Measuring Matters

Time to pony up and understand the importance of measuring your body composition's progress. We [...]

How To Transform Your Metabolism

Time to grow, not to lose! As a trainer, I see people in the [...]

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